Bridgestone Putters at North Iowa Golf

Bridgestone True Balance Putter at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone True Balance Putter

Bridgestone's True Balance Putter line incorporates Bridgestone's proprietary True Balance design to move the weight into the head of the putter, keeping the club's balance point within 5 inches of its sole, to provide greater feel.


  • Head Material8 Stainless steel with dual layer groove insert
  • Head Weight8 360 grams
  • Loft8 4°
  • Lie8 71°
  • Shaft Weights8 103 g (steel) / 33 g (True Balance graphite)
  • Grip Weights8 83 g (rubber) / 10 g (Standard EVA) / 20 g (Oversize EVA)
  • Traditional Models8 TD-01, TD-02, & TD-03
  • True Balance Models8 TD-01 & TD-03

North Iowa Golf either stocks or will order Bridgestone Putters in all popular models. Stop by North Iowa Golf and try one out today!