Callaway Fairway Woods at North Iowa Golf

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Callaway Golf

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood

While the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is intended to be a better player wood, it's quite a bit larger than most better player woods.

The XR 16's bigger, rounder, more symmetrical shape makes it very easy to hit for a variety of golfers.

Callaway's engineers designed the XR 16 with the perfect balance of aerodynamics, speed, forgiveness, and ease-of-launch for tremendous distance and playability.

The wood comes in eight sizes:

  • 3+W wood - 14° (RH Only)
  • 3 wood - 15° (RH / LH)
  • 4 wood - 17° (RH Only)
  • 5 wood - 19° (RH / LH)
  • 7 wood - 21° (RH / LH Custom Only)
  • 9 wood - 23° (RH Only) and
  • 11 wood - 25° (RH Only).

The XR 16 offers great performance whether you're teeing off or hitting from the fairway.

Callaway Fairway Wood Great Big Bertha at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Callaway Golf

Callaway Great Big Bertha Fairway Wood

Callaway designed the Great Big Bertha fairway wood for golfers who want their shots to fly straight and high in the air.

Touted by testers as Callaway's most forgiving wood, this large, lightweight, low-profile club is easy to hit from a variety of lies.

With the Great Big Bertha's higher launch angle and more spin than Callaway's other woods, golfers with slower swing speeds should have better distance and more forgiveness from the tee or fairway.

Callaway Fairway Wood Big Bertha Alpha 816 at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Callaway Golf

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 Fairway Wood

Callaway's Alpha 16 wood is designed for golfers that need maximum distance and adjustability.

Callaway claims the Big Bertha Alpha 16 works for a wide range of golfers because of the Alpha 16's dual center of gravity positions, including two weights (one heavy, one light) and dual weight ports installed on the sole of the club.

All in all, the Alpha 816 should give golfers of any ability higher launch and less spin from the tee or the fairway.

North Iowa Golf stocks or will order Callaway Fairway Woods in all popular models. Stop by North Iowa Golf and try one out today!