Mizuno Wedges at North Iowa Golf

Mizuno S18 Wedge at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Mizuno Golf

Mizuno S18 Wedge

Mizuno's S18 wedges replace the S5 and are Mizuno's first wedge named for the year in which they were released.

S18 wedges are forged from Grain Flowed Forged 1025 Boron Steel. This allows Mizuno to strengthen the grooves while maintaining a forged feel.

The S18 also features Quad Cut grooves. Quad cut grooves are wider and deeper to help funnel away dirt and water so the face makes better contact with the ball.

Mizuno also moves the CG as the loft changes to keep it positioned exactly behind the impact point on the face.

S18 wedges come in Chrome or Black IP finish.

Mizuno S5 Chrome Wedge at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Mizuno Golf

Mizuno S5 Chrome Wedge

Mizuno's S5 wedges are forged from Mizuno's 1025E Grain Flow Forged Carbon Steel.

"S" stands for silhouette. S5 wedges have a more rounded shape than Mizuno's MP-T5 design.

S5 wedges have Quad-Cut, loft-specific grooves. 49 to 53° wedges give you more consistency with narrower, deeper grooves.

Golfers looking for a game-improvement wedge should take a serious look at Mizuno's S5 wedges.

Mizuno S5 Blue Wedges at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Mizuno Golf

Mizuno S5 Blue Wedge

S5 wedges give you more spin on lower-speed shots with CNC milled faces which gives the face more surface roughness.

The 54 to 62° wedges are designed with wider, deeper grooves for more spin on open-face shots.

S5 wedges in higher lofts of 54 to 62° come in two sole grinds:

  • A narrow grind for golfers with shallower angles of attack that want to pick the ball off the turf cleanly in firm conditions, and
  • A wide sole wedge that has more bounce, to keep the wedge from digging into the ground for golfers with steeper attack angles and courses with softer turf conditions.

North Iowa Golf either stocks or will order Mizuno Wedges in all popular models. Stop by North Iowa Golf and try one out today!