Ping Wedges at North Iowa Golf

Ping Tour Gorge Wedges at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Ping Golf

Ping Tour Gorge Wedge

Ping's Tour Gorge wedges feature Ping's Gorge grooves.

Gorge grooves are milled to the most meticulous standards. They are designed to use the full width of the '2-circle' tolerance zone allowed by rule to make the edges as vertical as possible.

The Ping Tour Gorge comes in three sole widths to deal with different kinds of lie:

  • TS (Thin Sole) = Least bounce. Intended for golfers with shallow swings and firm sand or turf conditions,
  • SS (Standard Sole) = Medium bounce. Good for most turf conditions and most swing styles, and
  • WS (Wide Sole) = Most bounce. Excellent in softer sand and turf conditions. Great for golfers with a steep angle of attack.
Ping Blue Wedges at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Ping Golf

Ping Blue Wedge

Ping's Eye2 Gorge wedge is the latest version of Ping's classic Eye2 wedge.

Eye2 Gorge wedges feature Ping's proprietary grooves for excellent spin and stopping power.

Ping gave this wedge perimeter weighting and a sole contour that make for optimal spin, forgiveness, and control.

The Eye2 Gorge ships as a standard sand or lob Wedge in 56° and 60° lofts. It's customizable with a bend of up to 2° weak or strong.

Ping Glide Wedges at North Iowa Golf
Photo courtesy of Ping Golf

Ping Glide Wedge

The Ping Glide Wedge is a better player iron in a cast, cavity back design.

The hosel is tapered to help the wedge slip through sand with ease.

While better players will like this wedge, higher handicappers will find it delivers a good mix of forgiveness and performance as well.

Ping designed the Glide wedges with four sole options, added some bounce, and incorporated their loft-optimized Gorge grooves for optimal versatility and consistency.

North Iowa Golf either stocks or will order Ping Wedges in all popular models. Stop by North Iowa Golf and try one out today!